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Leftover food recipes (vegetarian)


Aubergine rolls -vegetarian recipe

Barley and dried peas soup

Barley croquettes with curry -vegetarian recipe 

Barley, Pumpkin and Hazelnuts 

Beluga black lentils, rice and dried tomatoes

Chickpea burgers with dried tomatoes

Dried figs, almond and ricotta cheese tart

Dried peas cream and endive (or fine herbs


Jam and Almond tart

Jam tart

Limoncello cream

Mascarpone apple cake

Millet, pepper & aubergines, smoked scamorza (or smoked tofu)

No butter apple cake

Pasta salad with salmon, chive and zucchini, #nomayonnaise

Pasta with Courgettes, curry and soy-cream

Pastiera di Grano/Wheat tart

Pumpkins and potatoes Parmigiana

Pumpkin pie 

Pumpkin soup

Red cabbage vegetarian sushi rolls – 2 recipes for 1! 

Ricotta and cabbage croquettes

Tiramisù – recipe. Pasteurized eggs

Vegetable Soufflé

Vegetarian Super Burger

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