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University of the People, usually called UoPeople, is an American on-line free institution, based in Pasadena, California – United States. Its website is here: http://www.uopeople.edu/

Shai Reshef founded it in 2009, offering two programs: Computer Science and Business Administration. In the beginning, it was not accredited and it started with 177 students from 49 Countries all over the world. Now, there are students from 180 Countries and it’s currently accredited by the DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission).

It’s been seven days since I’ve received the envelope containing my Diploma (Business Administration) from them and all the people around here will remember that moment. After three hours of persistent crying, I applied some ice to my eyes and went to cook for an important event. Probably, that paper melted other sentiments I stored in my heart, that UoPeople relentlessly triggered.

I feel happy and sad at the same time.

I’ve finished my courses and I have more time availability, without daily schedules and deadlines. No more reading assignments or exams, not even the animated classes where each topic was analyzed and described from the most assorted perspectives I could have ever imagined. No more chats in the morning with peers who were going to bed at the other side of the planet. Together, we shared the same frustration, or sometimes I learned the simple joy of my Latino friend; I picked-up the secret of the commitment of my Cambodian friend, who cleared mines during the day and studied the evening. I burned the midnight oil with my Italian friend, who was always available and loyal, even if we’ve never met. I joined a happy “virtual team” made of two Italians (I and a Fab -guy), a squeaky-clean British girl, an American Lady, a Russian genie and a British/Italian computer scientist&cook. They taught me a lot of English idioms as well as the endless possibilities that true friendship may ever offer.

I see a lot of people writing to me and asking for info about UoPeople and the main purpose of this blog is to offer such answers. People want to know about my job, about my life, my family and my future. I ask you a favor: remember that I feel rich, because I’m not wealthy in the sense of money, but my heart and my mind store a unique experience that nothing could ever pay. President Reshef, you created the most powerful, amazing, fair, colored project on earth; I feel blessed and honored to be part of it.

Thank you, grazie.

A special “thank you” to my Mentor Mindy Chozik and HP for their innovative Mentorship Program. Mindy, my light, my life.

A hug to Lily Frusciante, who virtually took my hand and who made me dream thanks to her spellbound worlds.

Infinite love to my friend Natascia Tronconi, it’s been 30 years and she’s still there.

Thank you to the best teacher ever, William Allman.

Thank you to Lorenzo Saporetti, the best Computer Scientist I’ve ever met and the one who made me fall in love with Linux. Thank you to Giovanni Miserocchi, my second brother, the best doctor on earth.

Thank you to my family and to my daughter Marta, my heart; she went through my adventure and she’s now proud of me.

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Oh yes, I passed the finals!

Oh yes, I passed the finals!

I’ve received a few messages asking if I had passed the last exam and then I realized I didn’t clearly stated that: yes I did it. Now, even if I wait for the Diploma (they’ll send it to my Italian address), I’m an official graduate: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of the People. You know how much this means to me and how do I feel after chasing my dream for more than 15 years; Continue reading


The Gini index, poverty and access to education.

I often say: “I love Economics” and I see this statement causes jaw dropping effects, because it sounds weird. During my experience at the Uopeople I studied the Gini index, that represented one of my favorite subjects, particularly during the courses of “Microeconomics”, “Macroeconomics” and “Principles of Economics”. This index helps to understand social inequalities and the distribution of wealth, it ranges from 0 to 1; specifically, a fair result is in proximity of 0. I checked the situation of my Country and I compared it to others; I even checked the political Government that ruled at that times and I got a general idea of those who increased the inequalities or, in the contrary, performed better.

The Gini index is the result you get after  Continue reading

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My last course at Uopeople

Today it’s December 6th, it’s Sunday afternoon, my birthday, and I’ve just posted my answer for the fourth week Discussion Forum of my last course at Uopeople: “Business Policy and Strategy”; as usual, I switch the radio on to get the right mood before writing. In the background, Anthony Kiedis sings “how long will I slide?” and even if plenty of people interpreted this song by using a pessimistic key, I get energy from that lyrics. 100% positive you all have  Continue reading


How are you doing? Of University of the People and Statistics

How are you doing?

With the complicity of global warming, the last Italian Summer turned out to be the hottest of the three on record in more than a decade; indeed, my imminent exam for the “Statistics course” raised my perception of temperatures. That is to say: “statistics are statistics” and this time, studying in a language other than my mother tongue caused me visions, something similar toseek out an oasis in the desert”. I speculate such “emotional” approach sprang after the intense routine I lived during the last five years, which is comparable to an enduring Marathon, where the city assumed the form of my home, runners became

other students all over the world, I wore out a keyboard instead of jogging shoes and the conclusive mile turned into Statistics. That sprint signified something specific to me: it symbolized a special revenge in front of life; particularly about women‘s rights, which also include getting a College Education. Continue reading

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Buy or make home detergents

Have you ever wondered exactly WHAT your annual expense for home detergents really is? I did it.

Ideas come like a blast; sometimes we know what caused the explosion, sometimes we simply accept their arrival. I decided to start producing my home detergents, after two courses I attended at Uopeople: Introduction to biology” and Introduction to environmental sciences”, see the explanation in another article, here.

This recipe was personally tested.

Water: 5 lt

Organic soap 250/300g.

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University of the People, environment and biology

“Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal”.
– Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,available at: NASA website, see here.

Ethics are recurring arguments at Uopeople, in the sense that courses encourage us to act in a fair manner, whatever we do. Additionally, the very recent economic downturn arose some important issues about the correct ways to run businesses; at least, we ought to discuss some of the previous approaches in front of trade. Thus, it is no longer possible to separate the environmental emergency from economics and as a consequence, some courses are fundamental in the aim of developing an environmental awareness.

The “Introduction to biology” course is wide and  Continue reading

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Wise Recipes

The global volume of food wastage is estimated at 1.6 billion tonnes..”

Food wastage’s carbon footprint is estimated at 3.3 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent of GHG released into the atmosphere per year”.

The total volume of water used each year to produce food that is lost or wasted (250km3) is equivalent to the annual flow of Russia’s Volga River, or three times the volume of Lake Geneva”.

(cit. FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations website).

*Image, see references at the end of the article.

My feelings in front of food are close to the definition of respect. My brother-in-law and his family are farmers.

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It’s time to have a Mentor when..The University of the People Mentorship program

It’s time to have a Mentor when you notice some warning signs:

  • you mix your native language with English
  • you ask your daughter: “how do we say that in Italian?”
  • little crumbs immerse your keyboard
  • you don’t remember the last time you ate at the kitchen table
  • you don’t mind all those strange people going back and forwards from home; oh yes, that’s my family!
  • There’s a little voice yapping away and saying: “why are you working so hard?”. However, you don’t know the answer.

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The Principles of marketing course at Uopeople

I have been working for many years, before starting my studies at Uopeople. While studying, I was running my job and my family. Along the years I tackled many topics: college algebra, psychology, basic accounting or biology.. Knowledge allowed the comparison between past and present; most of all, I put the concepts into practice. Now, it’s like living two lives at once. The bottom-up method is a pillar in our education; we start from real cases, then we develop a solution. Our textbooks triggered our curiosity, particularly the one we used during the Principles of marketing course [Principles of Marketing, flatworld knowledge]. Its authors explained marketing and used examples we have close at hand: IPhone, Coca Cola, Ikea, Walmart, Swarowsky and many others. Definitely: marketing is  Continue reading