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The last week of the last course at Uopeople, and Christmas

“So this is Christmas
And what have you done?”

Many days have passed since my last post, and after considering the Christmas time, the courses at Uopeople going on and my job commitments, you would certainly understand how my life turned out.

I’ve made a mistake and the first day of the year 2016 I’m here to discover it, while opening my assignments for unit 8 at Uopeople and nonetheless my good intentions, I forgot something: I didn’t assess my peers’ assignments from last week (7). Before my study experience at Uopeople, Continue reading


The fifth week at Uoepeople and the last hectic years

Last Monday I was talking to the brightest light in my life, my Mentor Mindy, when she asked about the topics we will discuss during our next Skype meeting. I always act like if I were in symbiosis with her, because I know I can listen to her, while also act like she does; normally, she does the right thing. Unfortunately, my mind was unexpectedly empty, so that I’ve hesitated a few seconds, then I’ve recognized the “from week 5 to the exam” typical burned mood. Yes, because Continue reading


It’s time to have a Mentor when..The University of the People Mentorship program

It’s time to have a Mentor when you notice some warning signs:

  • you mix your native language with English
  • you ask your daughter: “how do we say that in Italian?”
  • little crumbs immerse your keyboard
  • you don’t remember the last time you ate at the kitchen table
  • you don’t mind all those strange people going back and forwards from home; oh yes, that’s my family!
  • There’s a little voice yapping away and saying: “why are you working so hard?”. However, you don’t know the answer.

Continue reading

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University of the People. How is it?

The first adjective that comes to my mind after thinking about the University of the people is: difficult. I’m close to my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and I have a clear opinion about my experience there. For first, I’d like to clarify what “virtual” means, if applied to online studies, in a multicultural environment, with students “spread” all over the world, with time zone gaps. Continue reading

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Of Economics and Bolognaise Sauce

An Italian mother should always prepare large stocks of Bolognaise sauce. Even in Summer, when it’s 40° in the shades, I am faithful to my duties; furthermore, during the long cooking I can do many other activities. Most of all, I can study. It’s so normal to join GDP  and fry sautéed vegetables, Keynes and Continue reading