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It’s like hungry: you feel it coming from the bowels. Knowledge is a noun and a shout for those who cannot grasp it. It’s a jump towards a world you do not know. I wanted to study, I wanted to learn and I waited  for 20 years; I waited, I promised, I was ready and I believed in the University of the People project. In the beginning, my college was not officially recognized and it was a pioneering project, therefore I had more things to discover.

Background music: Soft cell, “Tainted love”.

Image courtesy of: anonymous artist, city walls – Ravenna, Italy.

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University of the People. How is it?

The first adjective that comes to my mind after thinking about the University of the people is: difficult. I’m close to my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and I have a clear opinion about my experience there. For first, I’d like to clarify what “virtual” means, if applied to online studies, in a multicultural environment, with students “spread” all over the world, with time zone gaps. Continue reading