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As I said in the previous recipe, I am determined to try some traditional Italian recipes using alternative brands of plant-based meat substitutes.
This week I make a few changes to the traditional meatball recipe from “La Cucina Italiana” Magazine , and I use a different brand of meat substitute than in my previous test.
The result is much more satisfying than the previous attempt. The texture is excellent, and the taste is fairly close to that of the traditional meat recipe. It is important to use high quality tomatoes – such as the San Marzano variety I have used – and blend them using a mixer, because the combined flavors of the meat(less)-balls and the sauce are what make the dish so delicious.



Plant based meat 1 pack
egg 1
100 g grated Parmesan cheese
Slices of bread 2
Milk or stock 1 dl
breadcrumbs 3 tbsp

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