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It’s time to have a Mentor when..The University of the People Mentorship program

It’s time to have a Mentor when you notice some warning signs:

  • you mix your native language with English
  • you ask your daughter: “how do we say that in Italian?”
  • little crumbs immerse your keyboard
  • you don’t remember the last time you ate at the kitchen table
  • you don’t mind all those strange people going back and forwards from home; oh yes, that’s my family!
  • There’s a little voice yapping away and saying: “why are you working so hard?”. However, you don’t know the answer.

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About me

My name is Mirna, I live in Ravenna, Italy. I’m a student at University of the People, I’m a cook, I’m a mother and I’m married. How can I describe myself? I can tell you the things I love. Here they are.

My (handsome) dog, Pitt.

Pitt’s soft and velvety ears.

Jack Russel dogs.

Guitar fanfares.

Eric Clapton playing “Layla”, here.

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