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Beyond ragù

This is my version of a vegan “ragù alla Bolognese” – or simply ragù – prepared with Beyond Beef (here called B.B. in short).
Before proceeding, I would like to explain how I came up with this recipe. I previously used half of a package of B.B. (total weight 16 ounces) to prepare “polpette” – meatballs – following a classic recipe. The meatballs turned out to be flavorful, with B.B.’s flavor prevailing over the other ingredients (eggs, bread, cheese, and garlic). In particular, the taste of pomegranate and beetroot together provided an intense taste of meat, similar to the Italian meat specialty called “cotechino”.
For this reason, I decided to proceed with the preparation of B.B. ragù following the proportions recommended by Professor Dario Bressanini. There are of course a thousand recipes for ragù alla bolognese, but I prefer Bressanini’s because he explains the theory behind the dish and the reasons why the various steps are carried out. According to him, the traditional recipe requires sausages (and fats) to provide taste and softness to the ragù. Instead, B.B. contains coconut oil and cocoa butter, along with canola oil; the package indicates the presence of 18 grams of total fat. Since the meat/vegetables ratio Bressanini recommends is 1250 grams of meat to 700 grams of vegetables, I maintain roughly this proportion – that is, the vegetables are about half the weight of B.B.

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