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Mascarpone apple cake

Cooking solves most of my bad moods. Specifically, this activity involves a few pleasant steps that fire up my good humor; among all, dough consistency is my favorite sensation. Have you ever dived your hands into the sponge dough? Into melted chocolate? Into WHITE melted chocolate? I did it. Of course, even perfumes are important, or the shape of certain ingredients is a joy for our eyes. The great Mascarpone apple cake recipe comes from a mistake; a few years ago, I was doing the Tiramisù cake but something went wrong (because of the hot wheater, I suppose). The taste of Mascarpone cheese was still good, so I decided to try the following recipe. Again, like in real life, it wasn’t as bad as it looked.

This pie is one of the most powerful anti depression tools I’ve ever tried; while cooking, do not forget to turn Continue reading

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No butter apple cake

No butter apple cake

I own an old cookbook and this simple apple cake recipe is taken from there. You can use white flour or – like in this case- whole wheat (this is a special stone ground flour), but you do not have to add fats, since the humidity of apples makes it soft and fragrant.

I have a far, far, far friend who is simple and generous; she does little gestures, but each of them represents her wonderful mind. Recently, she achieved an important milestone and I decided to celebrate her success by doing something for her; so, even if I’m a long way from you Lily, each time I will cook this cake I will think of you.

Indeed, friendship is like this apple cake; made of simple and genuine ingredients. Continue reading