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Spaghetti with cod, white wine and tomato sauce #quarantinecooking

Spaghetti with cod, white wine and tomato saucebf_1_mirna_rossi_pasta_cod_sauce_foshsauce

How to maximize time when you cook.

Some time ago a friend of mine told me that her greatest cooking challenge was calculating preparation time. I have been thinking a lot about this and about my previous experience as a cook. In fact, she is right. Some of my colleagues find recipes taking too long and wondering why. I rarely have that problem and the secret is organization.


I will use the next recipe to illustrate my method. Pasta with cod, white wine, and tomato sauce can be prepared in about 30 minutes, starting from scratch. The recipe starts by sautéing carrots and leek (or onions). So, begin with these two ingredients, and wash, Continue reading

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Buy or make home detergents

Have you ever wondered exactly WHAT your annual expense for home detergents really is? I did it.

Ideas come like a blast; sometimes we know what caused the explosion, sometimes we simply accept their arrival. I decided to start producing my home detergents, after two courses I attended at Uopeople: Introduction to biology” and Introduction to environmental sciences”, see the explanation in another article, here.

This recipe was personally tested.

Water: 5 lt

Organic soap 250/300g.

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For more than twenty years, I have been working as a cook and I have had a passion for pastry. I did that job before the “Masterchef” series, before molecular cooking and before the economic downturn. While I’m cooking, I think I’m doing that for my daughter, or for my family. It’s an alternative way to spread love, it’s the shape Continue reading