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Re-targeting. Evil or Divine Marketing tool?

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Even if I’ve just finished my studies at the University of the People, I’m already enjoying the amazing courses the web offers. I confess, I’m actually enrolled in 5 MOOC courses, since after my Bachelor in Business Administration I distinguish what my favorite topics are. In short, I reveal an insane passion for Digital Marketing and Web Analytics; as a consequence, the Coursera MOOC courses perfectly satisfy my curiosity.

I’ve just finished the second course: “Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Theory, 1 of 6 courses in Digital Marketing from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign”. Continue reading

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The Principles of marketing course at Uopeople

I have been working for many years, before starting my studies at Uopeople. While studying, I was running my job and my family. Along the years I tackled many topics: college algebra, psychology, basic accounting or biology.. Knowledge allowed the comparison between past and present; most of all, I put the concepts into practice. Now, it’s like living two lives at once. The bottom-up method is a pillar in our education; we start from real cases, then we develop a solution. Our textbooks triggered our curiosity, particularly the one we used during the Principles of marketing course [Principles of Marketing, flatworld knowledge]. Its authors explained marketing and used examples we have close at hand: IPhone, Coca Cola, Ikea, Walmart, Swarowsky and many others. Definitely: marketing is  Continue reading