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Pasta alla crudaiola #quarantinecooking


Pasta “alla crudaiola”

Pasta “alla crudaiola”
Quarantine cooking

It’s day 17 of lockdown here in Italy. So far, I have been able to keep myself busy thanks to my work, my MBA at the UoPeople, another course in statistics and R, and cooking (of course). Cooking is not the same as usual, though, because many ingredients are not available. I don’t know about you, but the way I handle food now is also different. I religiously seal and store all items carefully, and I avoid wasting anything.
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So, it’s been two years

So, it’s been two years since I updated my blog.

First: thank you for reading my blog in the meantime. I hope it has been helpful for those searching for info about the University of the People. 2muchfood was born to describe my experience as a student, my passion for cooking, and numbers.  After living in 3 different cities in 3 different countries, after working for 2 IT companies, after meeting 64 new colleagues and making 7 + 1 new friends, after 52 flights between 18 cities, after staying in 35 hotels, B&Bs, and apartments, after taking 13 online MOOC courses in data analysis and programming, after trying 93 new recipes, I confirm I still love food and numbers. 

In short, I lived in Belfast, then in London, and now I am back in Italy. 

The next posts will touch on our favorite topics –  food trends, recipes, reviews, and analytics – and the words we use daily to describe them.

Here we go.

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Mascarpone apple cake

Cooking solves most of my bad moods. Specifically, this activity involves a few pleasant steps that fire up my good humor; among all, dough consistency is my favorite sensation. Have you ever dived your hands into the sponge dough? Into melted chocolate? Into WHITE melted chocolate? I did it. Of course, even perfumes are important, or the shape of certain ingredients is a joy for our eyes. The great Mascarpone apple cake recipe comes from a mistake; a few years ago, I was doing the Tiramisù cake but something went wrong (because of the hot wheater, I suppose). The taste of Mascarpone cheese was still good, so I decided to try the following recipe. Again, like in real life, it wasn’t as bad as it looked.

This pie is one of the most powerful anti depression tools I’ve ever tried; while cooking, do not forget to turn Continue reading

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Jam tart

Sarah, thanks for your like; bad weather + cakes= unbreakable bond 🙂
Yes, it’s raining here; what about there in London?
Cheers, Mirna

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Jam tart

Serves 8


Flour 250 g

*Powdered sugar 125 g

Butter 125 g

Eggs 50 g (usually 1 + egg yolk)

Baking powder 1 g (organic)

Vanilla natural essence or lemon zest (1 organic lemon)


Sugar free jam, here I used mixed berry jam, choose your favorite fruits.


Cut the butter into small pieces.

Put flour into a mixing bowl with butter, vanilla (or lemon), mix, then add powdered sugar, eggs, salt and baking powder.

Mix until dough is formed. Allow to stand at least 30 minutes in the fridge.

Preheat the oven at 338° F.

Line a pan with parchment paper.

Roll out your dough (keep 1/4 for decorations) on a flat surface and place down into a (9-inch) pie pan and press down along the bottom and all sides. Pierce the dough by using a fork. Cover with parchment paper and use some dried…

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Chickpea burgers with dried tomatoes

Chickpea burgers with dried tomatoes

Vegetarian recipe. #vegetableeasyrecipe

For this recipe, you can use leftover chickpea or boil on purpose.

Serves 4


Chickpea 1/2 cup (or 1 can of chickpeas)

Boiled and smashed potato 1 (or 2 small ones)

Dried tomatoes in oil 4 (4 half dried tomatoes)

Stale bread made with whole wheat*, 1/4 cup

Bread crumbs ½ cup

Extra virgin oil 2/3 teaspoons

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Barley, pumpkin, and hazelnuts

Barley, pumpkin, and hazelnuts 

Vegetarian recipe.

For this recipe, you can use leftover barley or boil it on purpose and add pumpkin (better if leftover from other recipes, since you need a small amount) and potato.

Serves 3



Barley 1 cup

Water 3 cups

Boiled potato 1, dice chopped

Pumpkin 150 g, dice chopped

Hazelnuts 20 g

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Barley and dried peas soup

Vegetarian recipe (vegan if you do not use cheese).
 photo SDC13919_zpsctzcdtct.jpg


½ cup uncooked barley

¼ cup uncooked dried peas

2 and ½ cups water

sodium bicarbonate ½ teaspoon

1 onion, dice chopped

2 small carrots, dice chopped

1 potato, diced, sliced (or 2 small ones)

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Buy or make home detergents

Have you ever wondered exactly WHAT your annual expense for home detergents really is? I did it.

Ideas come like a blast; sometimes we know what caused the explosion, sometimes we simply accept their arrival. I decided to start producing my home detergents, after two courses I attended at Uopeople: Introduction to biology” and Introduction to environmental sciences”, see the explanation in another article, here.

This recipe was personally tested.

Water: 5 lt

Organic soap 250/300g.

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Aubergine rolls -vegetarian recipe.

Aubergine rolls -vegetarian recipe.

Do you have a bit of steamed white beans? If the answer is yes, this recipe is perfect for you.

Serves 3


150 gr steamed white beans (or canned beans)

1 teaspoon oil

150 gr Philadelphia cheese or other cheese spread

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