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Oh yes, I passed the finals!

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Oh yes, I passed the finals!

I’ve received a few messages asking if I had passed the last exam and then I realized I didn’t clearly stated that: yes I did it. Now, even if I wait for the Diploma (they’ll send it to my Italian address), I’m an official graduate: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of the People. You know how much this means to me and how do I feel after chasing my dream for more than 15 years;

it was my lifelong dream. This exam (Business Policy and Strategy) was particularly engaging, because of the topics we covered and because it was the last. Generally, each course at Uopeople has tried my nerves, especially when attempting the on-line exam; the Internet connection goes down (happened many times), 61 questions/1 hour availability (remember, they are written in English Language), someones rings at the door, all the dogs in town bark while I click the “start this attempt” button, and so on.. My Mother knows I don’t speak within 24 hours after the exam; I cannot. My readers also ask: “what are you doing now?”. “I’ll clean home, it is a priority.”Now I have flu, I have many things to tell you, many mails to answer (from those who want to enroll at Uopeople); additionally, I want to thank lots of people for their friendship, their support, their brilliance. This deserves a dedicated article.

Stay tuned,


Background music: “Love her madly”, by the Doors, now on Virgin Radio.

Background music: “We are all made of stars”, by Moby, now on Virgin Radio. 

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