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Final exam and ..this is it


At the end of each term, we usually have a four days availability for the finals and I am used to tackle the exam during the first day, that corresponds to Thursday. So did I for the last exam, too. Today it’s Tuesday, that means a few days were passed before I was able to write a message for this blog. I see happy faces all around; my daughter and my husband are proud of me and their cheeriness measures

the degree of my enterprise. I’m waiting for the final grade, while my dear teacher is assessing my last paper.

I can hardly explain my feelings after five years of devotion to knowledge, and the fear to lose each of the single notions I’ve absorbed at Uoepople. Now, I delve into English literature and I enjoy the pleasure of the many MOOC courses the web offers, so that I won’t lose: I’ll just open a new page of the endless book of learning.

Take care,


The following image represents a tribute to David Bowie, who passed away yesterday. Just to remember the support I got from music, during my lonely years of studies.

Background music: “Life on Mars?”, by David Bowie


2 thoughts on “Final exam and ..this is it

  1. Congratulations Mirna!!!!


    • Thank you Dan, do you share my opinion about the importance of online learning? I see important Universities are getting involved in this system we both embraced at Uopeople. This is encouraging.


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