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The last week of the last course at Uopeople, and Christmas

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“So this is Christmas
And what have you done?”

Many days have passed since my last post, and after considering the Christmas time, the courses at Uopeople going on and my job commitments, you would certainly understand how my life turned out.

I’ve made a mistake and the first day of the year 2016 I’m here to discover it, while opening my assignments for unit 8 at Uopeople and nonetheless my good intentions, I forgot something: I didn’t assess my peers’ assignments from last week (7). Before my study experience at Uopeople,

I would have probably freaked out for a few days and used all sorts of self mortification I knew, starting from ice-cream binging to compulsive pimples killing.

Today I just broke my brother’s favorite wine glass, trying to clean the floor from the baked potato that suddenly decided to come to life, then I went to the bathroom because of a sudden recall of the toilet brush to disinfect, then…my husband came there with the savings account book, asking me how to calculate the interest rate. In my mind, John Lennon was whispering: So this is Christmas
And what have you done?”.
Sorry John for the accidentally wrong location.

Like Mindy suggested, a list turns out to be helpful in situations like this and one returns particularly useful: things you can control, things you cannot control.

Here it is:-Things I can control


That being said, I’d like to dive into the mistake process and how my experience at Uopeople transformed my approach, or -at least- mitigated my perception of failure. Now, it seems I’m half-joking and this is it, because that shows how to interpret events when you aim at your goals and life happens. For first, after five years of “peer assessment” proceeding, I’m used to get all sorts of grades, from very low to very high; in other words, I didn’t merely received evaluations, but I underwent multicultural opinions involving plenty of psychological issues. As a consequence, I mainly focused on the study process as well as the organization of all those readings, because, please, don’t forget I’m not a native English speaker and for first I have to translate (mentally), then I have to understand (for writing later). In most cases, my brain translates immediately, but that includes a high concentration from me. Concentration = loss of energies.

Finally, what does “mistake” mean? My interpretation gets close to: “try your best, with limited resources”; that means a shortage of time, mental tiredness, cultural barriers and general ups and downs. It represents the core of the self-learners attitude: active participation, employ all of your energy, and call them “chances”; now, I didn’t forget to assess my peers’ assignments, but I nailed down that “I cannot control things that cannot be controlled”.

Background music: “The importance of being idle”, by Oasis now on Virgin Radio

Background music: Psycho” by Muse, now on Virgin Radio

Read more: “So this is Christmas”, by John Lennon, lyrics available here


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