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The fifth week at Uoepeople and the last hectic years


Last Monday I was talking to the brightest light in my life, my Mentor Mindy, when she asked about the topics we will discuss during our next Skype meeting. I always act like if I were in symbiosis with her, because I know I can listen to her, while also act like she does; normally, she does the right thing. Unfortunately, my mind was unexpectedly empty, so that I’ve hesitated a few seconds, then I’ve recognized the “from week 5 to the exam” typical burned mood. Yes, because

I forget I’m a student-mother-wife-worker and week 5 comes to remind me that life is messy, even if Mindy trained my “time management” skills. She taught me a simple trick that solves each trouble; “keep a track of the tasks you did”, or write the list of those you will accomplish during the day. It makes you keep everything under control and sometimes, it makes you smile, like in the following case.

Super tasks that student workers normally perform:

  • cook your daughter’s (healthy and vegetarian) meal 20 minutes before she arrives
  • move the whole mayhem you created on the kitchen counter and take a photo to post on Instagram
  • comment the photo of the meal with your daughter, while your daughter travels from school to home
  • sit down and type hash tags while you eat your lunch
  • leave water running and flood the half house, because you wanted to wash stairs while cooking the 20 minutes lunch
  • dry out before your daughter comes home and look the other way
  • turn the radio on because you need rock while you prepare another cup of coffee
  • forget the cup you-don’t-know-where
  • find the coffee cup and lose the cell phone
  • try unsuccessfully to light the fireplace, while you think that your husband will mock you again
  • sit down at your desk to start your job&studies and reflect upon the fact that the dish I cooked was delicious, I even spared money (proud of being a Business Administration student, all day long), they were leftovers from yesterday and I realize that week 5 is ended. Now it’s the beginning of week 6 at Uopeople .

It means in 3 weeks I’m finished.

Now I have my list and I can move forward.

Special thanks to all the lonely hearts, the fighters, the brave student workers who perfectly know how I feel.

Background music: “Better Days” by Turner Cody

This is the dish I cooked: “the vegan fatteth”

2 thoughts on “The fifth week at Uoepeople and the last hectic years

  1. Great read! Love the list, it definitely put a smile on my face. I think doing that is a great idea to help bring some comic relief to the busy days of being a parent/spouse/student/worker. Good luck with the next 4 weeks! Cheers 🙂


  2. Hi Dan,
    I really appreciate your comments, because I know you share the same model of life; there are a few psychological issues about our approach to life, something like “to live life to the fullest measure”. After all, someone (Uopeople) offered us an opportunity, then each individual tries to manage it and do his (or her) best..that seems to represent the hardest part.
    BTW, I’ve just finished my last graded quiz and I’m still trembling 🙂


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