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University of the People, an interesting assignment

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Today I want to tell you about an engaging assignment I’ve been working on during the last week, that means unit four at Uopeople. In a recent article, I mentioned the fact I’m attending my concluding course (Business Policy and Strategy) before getting my Bachelor and we were analyzing the Biocon case; the week assignment was addressed to the same Indian Company, but we had to answer some specific questions. Nitty-gritty, those queries were particularly brilliant,

in virtue of the fact we had to mention some of the strategies that Biocon (probably) considered before starting its enterprise. Obviously, it was impossible to avoid mentioning the schools of strategies we examined during week one, so that all my learning process crossed the topics we covered before. It awakened a logical progression, because I could not tell about Biocon, using the local availability of natural sources to produce enzymes (thanks to fruits and vegetables) ,without matching this passage to the “Positioning School” (just to indicate one, but plenty of strategies inspired my apprehending), that focuses on the environment where the Company operates (cit. Mintzberg).

Another engaging inquiry asked about a pivotal element: who were the stakeholders and shareholders involved (a central aspect, considering the health care sector where Biocon performs); again, this represents a matter we studied before at Uopeople, and once more, the “ Business Policy and Strategy” course mentioned it during the first week.

Dynamic assignments act this way; they encourage the students’ mental resources, so that we do not merely store data, but we test our capabilities to elaborate the true stories standing behind theories.

Meanwhile, unit five started.

Talk soon,

Mirna, Uopeople.


H. Mintzberg, J. Lampel. (1999). “Reflecting on the Strategy Process”. In MIT Sloan Management Review. Retrieved from: http://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/reflecting-on-the-strategy-process/?use_credit=aee92f16efd522b9326c25cc3237ac15 [December 11th, 2015]

Background music: Everybody’s Changing”, by Keane, click to see the video.

Image: white heron, Ravenna pine wood. Photo by Mirna.

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