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My last course at Uopeople

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Today it’s December 6th, it’s Sunday afternoon, my birthday, and I’ve just posted my answer for the fourth week Discussion Forum of my last course at Uopeople: “Business Policy and Strategy”; as usual, I switch the radio on to get the right mood before writing. In the background, Anthony Kiedis sings “how long will I slide?” and even if plenty of people interpreted this song by using a pessimistic key, I get energy from that lyrics. 100% positive you all have 

a special song that helps you to wake up immediately in the morning, or that triggers your best inspiration. Right?
Additionally, the topic I’ve just analyzed for the Discussion forum reported a fascinating case of success, from an Indian Company, Biocon, and I had to describe their strategic and efficacious paths. I totally ignored their existence so, the pleasure of learning their background obscured the evidence that today is Sunday and I’m devoting it to my studies, as always, in the past five years. I mastered my emotions while becoming able to manage my time, that signifies to move ahead among my family, job and study commitments. I always studied during Sundays, Christmas days, New Year’s Eves, Birthdays, free days, other celebrations and whatever bad event occurred out there. Like a clock that enunciates the hours of the day, my Uopeople clock oscillated the pendulum of my assignments, tasks, progresses, so that I now focus on the next toll: my week 4 assignment. 
Are you curious about my state of mind? I’m planning to share my next weeks, together with you, now, let’s deal with the next task, trying to write an essay about the Biocon India’s business. 
– 4 weeks before THE END.
Take care,
Background music: “Otherside”, by Red Hot Chili Peppers, my favorite version here on youtube.

Image: let me introduce my friend, my soul and my faithful squire: my dog Pitt.


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