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The Principles of marketing course at Uopeople

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I have been working for many years, before starting my studies at Uopeople. While studying, I was running my job and my family. Along the years I tackled many topics: college algebra, psychology, basic accounting or biology.. Knowledge allowed the comparison between past and present; most of all, I put the concepts into practice. Now, it’s like living two lives at once. The bottom-up method is a pillar in our education; we start from real cases, then we develop a solution. Our textbooks triggered our curiosity, particularly the one we used during the Principles of marketing course [Principles of Marketing, flatworld knowledge]. Its authors explained marketing and used examples we have close at hand: IPhone, Coca Cola, Ikea, Walmart, Swarowsky and many others. Definitely: marketing is 


One day I was reading The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire“, by Edward Luttwak. It mentions an example of ancient marketing which uses suggestion to persuade crowds. The Byzantine emperor mastered the art of impressing people. He used rituals, he wore sparkling vestments, and even invented a special  hydraulic machinery that lifted up his throne. When people visited the palace and approached him, this device activated a couple of roaring lions. It was a superb method. The course of Principles of Marketing set in motion my aptitude in front of such symbols. Let’s talk about music videos; I was not aware of the amount of subliminal information they displayed. Cars, motorcycles, famous snickers, cell phones, are just a few ones. I told about this trick to my daughter and now she validates the “marketing everywhere” plot.

Recently, the “added value” marketing principle is evolving to masterpieces. A famous Italian food Company (Barilla) started a debated campaign. The protagonist is one of the sexiest men alive: Antonio Banderas. He embodies a baker, works in a windmill, kneads, makes biscuits and ..talks to Rosita, a chicken (see video on youtube). Can you guess how many people in Italy are kidding around Mister Banderas? However, a genius worked behind this advertisement, because it’s more than fun. We gaze an icon who quits his seductive façade and wears a cooking apron. A man baking quality nourishment while talking of healthy ingredients. A man! I mean: a famous man, like all human beings.This message is one of most powerful things I’ve ever learnt in my life. “Look beyond appearances” and “go to the point“. Here, we remember ancient values, and the windmill location fits the purpose. What about talking to Rosita? Oh gosh, my grandmother raised chickens and she used to talk them; on the other hand, I talk to my dog, tooMarketing wraps business, psychology, sociology, values and history. I love it, but don’t let your guard down. Do you agree?

Background music: Let her go”, by Passenger.


E. Luttwak. (2009).The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire”. Page 146, Italian version. Rizzoli editions.

J. Tanner, Mary Raymond. “Principles of Marketing”. Digital textbook. Flatworld editions. Retrieved at: http://www1.flatworldknowledge.com/

[September 27th, 2015]

Space-invaders (the world famous artist) visited Ravenna and left his amazing works. Image: courtesy of space-invaders (official website here) and thanks to Marco Miccoli for the photo-exchange (official website here).

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