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Ravenna, so “Night and Day”

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In 1920, Cole Porter visited Ravenna. My town’s wonderful mosaics left an impression on the famous musician who took inspiration from them. The golden stars of the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia were frequently put in relationship to Porter’s masterpiece:“Night and day”. This is an evidence of the beauty of Ravenna, even if I am used to live here. I know Ravenna itself is “Night and day”, shiny and bright or suddenly closed outwards. Mosaics open

up the colours of our land; sea, pinewood, sand, ground and hills. The richness of natural varieties expresses the character of my fellow citizens; they welcome you with their arms, like the harbor does with ships. I’m so lucky to live here: welcome to Ravenna!

Background music: Bella, by Lorenzo Jovanotti.

Image courtesy of: Ravenna Turismo e cultura. Retrieved at: http://www.turismo.ra.it/ita/Scopri-il-territorio/Arte-e-cultura/Patrimonio-Unesco/Mausoleo-di-Galla-Placidia

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