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Of Economics and Bolognaise Sauce

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An Italian mother should always prepare large stocks of Bolognaise sauce. Even in Summer, when it’s 40° in the shades, I am faithful to my duties; furthermore, during the long cooking I can do many other activities. Most of all, I can study. It’s so normal to join GDP  and fry sautéed vegetables, Keynes and

put meat into the pan, savings with interest rates and let the wine evaporate. I read about National debt and add tomatoes, then give a look to economic growth and wait and turn. I love Economics, because they are everywhere, but far from the definition I was used to believe. Cook the sauce and simultaneously study macroeconomics has put everything in a different light to me; it is a matter of synchrony. The “Bolognaise sauce affaire” will return again.

Background music: Ligabue, “C’è sempre una canzone”.

Ravenna, street art. Image courtesy of Marco Miccoli  (official website here).

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